Never been in suCh state..
now facing the real sweet world..
which appear infront of me..
what i manage to feel is.. love and hope and more coming..

feeling sweet and energetic..
i have been looking for so long..
and that's her..
thats so miracle right?

love.. sweetness.. smile.. blissful
all have fallen upon me..
i will promised...
but then.. i will love her with all my might
all the feeling..
just lingers within my mind..
i want to say.. thanks..
and a million thanks..
i stared up the sky seeing how beautiful the clouds is..

again.. smiling withnin my heart..
and again.. fighting for happiness
sweetness all over again.. and again.. and again..
i truly wish to be this state always..
being love by.. i manage to love once again..
someone.. someone just pulled me up..
i can see her.. the real happiness..
to me:" Didnt give up.. is the right choice i made.."
"and for that.. i love her deeply.."
Me to Her :"in future never concede of where you are walking.. shall be the right path.."
"if one day you fail to stand up yourself.. and thats your soul....."
there will be me at the end awaiting you.. and that we will walk together to the exit.."

Each day, i opened my eyes
the person appeared in my mind
is you and.. infront of my eyes..
i realized something..
i managed to realise that..
hopes has ignited a flame
a flame which circled the path of love..
thank you baby..
and here.. i will continue to walk by your side.. always..and always with no doubts ..

-______I LOVE YOU eternity!______-

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